8 Car Brand Logo Meanings You Probably Haven’t Explored Much

Vehicle emblems have emerged as beacons of status and personality nowadays. Owners, body of workers, and enthusiasts even are engaged and identified to put on lapel pins, and cuff-hyperlinks with automobile logo logos. Some vehicle badges are so sought-after, human beings have even resorted to stealing them in the past. Here are some meanings behind top eight car brand logos that you probably didn’t know all your life:


Mercedes-Benz logo

The Mercedes Benz logo is eye-catching and simple to remember, providing yet another excellent example of the power of simplicity in the automotive industry. The original Mercedes logo, which was created by Paul and Adolf Daimler in honor of their late father, focused on the shape of a star to symbolize prosperity and good fortune for the expanding business.

The Mercedes company trademarked both the three-pointed alternative and the four-pointed version of the star. The Mercedes team says that the three-pointed star was chosen because the company wants to make cars that can drive on land, in the sea, and in the sky one day.The straightforward silver shape continues to attract attention all over the world today.

Car logos have become one of the most recognizable in the world today. You likely recognise a good number of the automobile company logos we’ve discussed today, whether you’re a car aficionado or simply a regular person. In the automotive business, car logos serve as significant badges of identity, each with a certain influence.


Alfa Romeo logo

Designed as a homage to the brand’s roots, the Alfa Romeo logo has two distinctive halves, each representing a traditional Milan symbol. It is adorned with one of the oldest symbols associated with medieval soldiers during the Crusades, St. George’s Cross, or the Cross of St. Ambrose.

​​​​​​​The Biscione symbol, which has to do with the powerful Visconti family of Milan in the 11th century, depicts a serpent eating a man. A crown is also worn by the serpent in the logo to commemorate the Visconti era of the 15th century.


Toyota logo

Toyota’s distinctive logo consists of three ovals contoured with different stroke thicknesses and arranged horizontally. Within the outer oval, two perpendicular ovals overlap to form a steering wheel representing Toyota cars and a ‘T’ for Toyota.

Both ovals refer to the company’s and the customer’s heart, overlapping to suggest a mutually beneficial and trustworthy relationship.

Both hearts are represented by ovals, overlapping to represent a mutually beneficial and trustworthy relationship between company and customer.


Volvo logo

The name Volvo is derived from the Latin word “Volvere” for roll and is an important part of Volvo’s logo. The company’s original emblem was a blue oval with the words “Gothenburg, Sweden” below and the word “Volvo” in the middle.

Volvo began to adopt the Greek god of war’s icon, which featured an arrow pointing right and upward.

The icon according to the Volvo team is meant to show how strong the company is and how committed it is to protect its customers. In addition, the upward-pointing arrow evokes exploration and innovative thinking.


Lamborghini logo

A worldwide symbol of class, grace, and elegance, the Lamborghini brand is associated with gorgeous automobiles. The eye-catching logo has a roaring golden bull in the middle, a black shield with a gold outline, and the brand name engraved in all-caps gold.

Since Ferruccio Lamborghini, the company’s founder, was a Taurus and also, ironically, had a strong interest in the Spanish bullfighting sport, designer Paolo Rambaldi made the Taurus the car’s zodiac sign. The aggressive nature of Lamborghini sports cars, which are constructed with unbridled power and strength, is symbolised by the notion of a bull ready for battle in the emblem.


Ferrari logo

The all-black prancing horse on the yellow background that serves as Ferrari’s trademark logo has undergone various cycles and alterations throughout the years, but the overall design has remained largely constant. The Countess Paolina Baracca, mother of the renowned Italian air ace Count Francesco Baracca, who for good luck painted a black horse on the side of every aircraft he flew during World War I, is credited with the invention of the prancing horse.

In some Ferrari logo versions, the ‘S’ and ‘F’ letters stand for ‘Scuderia Ferrari’ (Ferrari Stables), a tribute to Enzo Ferrari’s hometown Modena. Ferrari’s logo is also characterized by three color bands at the top that resemble the Italian flag.


Infiniti logo

The Nissan luxury brand “Infiniti” uses a metallic oval with a triangle in the middle, making it one of the more cutting-edge famous car logos we’ve seen thus far. The Infiniti branding team says that the design is more than just a shape that stands out.A road leading into infinity is represented by the triangle in the middle.

The Infiniti car emblem is tasteful and clever because it combines simplicity with a hidden meaning. The Infiniti logo is contributing to the creation of a place for the Nissan brand in logo history, despite the fact that the company is still relatively new in comparison to some of its competitors.


Buick logo

Buick is a renowned American automobile company founded by David Dunbar Buick in 1904, which remains one of the oldest still producing cars today. As a nod to the heritage of the Buick family, the characteristic shields were first featured in 1959.

Red, white, and blue are the colors that distinguish each of the shields, identifying the three iconic models the company offered at the time: the LeSabre, Invicta, and Electra. The color silver symbolizes dignity, purity, grandeur, and elegance. Buick represents excellence and dynamic attitude through its black color scheme.