FIFA World Cup 2022 : Brings in the World Class Brands for Celebration at Qatar


FIFA World Cup 2022, is going to be a multibillion-dollar spectacle that promises to be unlike any other World Cup ever held. Thanks to the tournament’s passionate fans and diverse viewership, the FIFA World Cup remains an tremendous sponsorship opportunity for global brands. FIFA has devised a careful strategy for promotions this year since it is going to be hosted in a middle eastern country for the first time. To begin with, FIFA restructured their commercial operations in 2021, the first such shift in eight years in a way to accommodate corporations’ various levels of interest. As part of this, in addition to the entire FIFA portfolio, brands will have more flexibility after the 2019-22 commercial rights cycle ends, including both men’s and women’s soccer, and esports.



Rarely do brands get the chance to emphasize their purpose. Those with the right message can first turn a situation that seems unfair into something powerful. The entire nation can support that. What better event they can get than this? Anyhow, they have all come up with exciting promotional campaigns to make this event a grand success. It’s up to them to clear all the dirt off of this year’s FIFA World Cup since it’s venue announcement. Now, how can they do it? Here are a few takeaways:

The World Cup is normally a time of mass open-air screenings, enthusiasm on the web and disconnected discussions, and overflowing brand organizations. The current year’s occasion is supposed to be the same.

Keeping in view of these, brands will need to get creative and appear for options outdoors instead of normal avenues. Here are a few brand promotions which excited me for the World Cup this year :

In Europe, football is one of the most popular sports. In fact, it is a national sport for the majority of nations. Additionally, the fact that 13 teams are from the region, or 40% of the remaining 32, will qualify for the World Cup in 2022 presents a significant opportunity for beverage and food companies. Sports endemic advertisers like Coca-Cola, for instance, are continuing to make investments in the games this year too by sponsoring the Fifa World Cup Trophy Tour, which will send the World Cup trophy to cities around the world for fans to experience in their domestic markets.

Hisense will be in a position to connect with FIFA’s global target market in unique and compelling methods through a variety of FIFA systems to world marketing campaigns. One such campaign used by Hisense to promote its World Cup 2022 marketing campaign is the recently posted TVC.

Hublot, the Luxury Swiss watchmaker and the official time-keepers of the World Cup 2022 is making use of the metaverse technology by Facebook to promote FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar by unveiling ‘Hublot Loves Football Metaverse Stadium’. The stadium is accessible via mobile and desktop apps or an Oculus headset and can occupy 90,000, is furnished with a kilometer-long comparable concourse and media wall displaying visuals from the Hublot Loves Football crusade connected to the FIFA World Cup including brand companions and ministers like French global striker Kylian

And the list goes on… afterall, its a golden chance for the brands to shine. Several other big brands are also coming up with their own innovative ideas to promote this world event. But let me sum it up with this much.


Now it’s all in the spectator’s eyes whether to appreciate or criticize this global sports event. They all will be there for the game. If their team strikes a goal, they’ll cheer. That’s the fact. Yes. Above all, ticket booking is almost full for the world’s greatest sports event. As the global brands stands together to celebrate the World Cup, It is Qatar where the magic is happening and let us wait to witness for the ball to roll from November 20.