LG Electronics Drives ‘Life’s Good’ Global Social Media Challenge to Share Optimism

LG Electronics has launched a global social media challenge to highlight and amplify its brand promise of ‘Life’s Good’. It’s encouraging customers around the world to create and share their moments of everyday optimism on their social media feeds.

The campaign will run across TikTok and Instagram to foster a more positive environment on their social media feeds – posting optimistic moments and selfies featuring the finger heart gesture, and hashtags #Lifesgood and #Optimismyourfeed.

Kim Hyo-eun, Vice-president and head of LG’s Brand Management Division, said LG is committed to delivering on its promise of Life’s Good. “This social media challenge aims to uncover and share what Life’s Good means to our customers,” he explained. “We believe there is real power in approaching life with an optimistic attitude, and our Optimism your feed campaign’s social media challenge is all about embracing the opportunity to inspire more positive activities in the virtual and real world.”

William Cho, LG CEO, said we are all brand ambassadors of LG. “If each of us starts brightening our surroundings one step at a time.” Cho believes that one day LG will emerge as a company that will truly radiate positivity, help create better lives, and a better world.

LG’s social media challenge follows the launch of LG’s Optimism your feed playlist (a collection of original content that when interacted with will put more optimistic content into your feed). It was created in collaboration with global influencers.

And now the social media challenge invites users to join influencers like Tina Choi, Victoria Browne, Josh Harmon, Team1llusion, Lenna Vivas and Samuel Weidenhofer in spreading optimism across social media feeds. So far, around 21,000 users have joined the movement to share their optimistic moments.

LG Electronics has launched a global social media challenge to highlight and amplify its brand promise of ‘Life’s Good’
Source: adage.com

Furthermore, LG has launched an offline campaign called ‘Optimism your day’. This will run till early July.

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