Ogilvy Bags 14 Lions, Gold for ‘Can’t B Broken’ and Grand Prix for ‘Recycle Me’: Cannes Lions 2024

Ogilvy once again basked in the spotlight at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2024, with a total of 14 Lions – two gold Lions, one silver Lion, and 11 bronze Lions.

The creative agency won a Gold Lion for Verizon’s ‘Can’t B Broken’ by Ogilvy New York. This was a great collaboration between Verizon, Beyonce and Ogilvy. And Grand Prix for Coca-Cola’s ‘Recycle Me’ created by WPP Open X and led by Ogilvy New York. It was supported and activated by Ogilvy LATAM, Ogilvy PR and EssenceMediacom. The campaign was based on a series of powerful images that depict the Coca-Cola logo after a can has been crushed during the recycling process.

Ogilvy Bags 14 Lions, Gold for ‘Can’t B Broken’ and Grand Prix for ‘Recycle Me’: Cannes Lions 2024
Video and Image credits: Ogilvy.com

Matt Curry, Ogilvy’s global executive creative director, shared that starting with a big, smart, culturally explosive idea was just the beginning. “From there the only path to success was through the biggest act of trust that an agency and client could undertake together,” he said. “Ogilvy is so proud of this work and what it means to our relationship with Verizon, and to the entire team who made this phenomenal moment happen.” Curry highlighted that winning a Cannes Gold for ‘Can’t B Broken’ is a testament to what culture-first ideas can do when built on absolute collaboration.

Guillermo Vega, Ogilvy’s Global Creative Network Lead for WPP Open X, said one of the reasons the Coca-Cola brand is globally recognized is its distinctive logo and packaging. He explained that this concept utilized those strong brand elements, specifically highlighting the ‘Recycle Me’ message found on every can. “Typically, a brand’s logo is considered untouchable, so the idea of altering it is bold. However, even after crushing the logo in various ways, it remained identifiable, presenting a unique opportunity.”

Samira Ansari, Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy New York, believes this was a unique way to celebrate the brand’s iconicity while promoting a key initiative for Coca-Cola. It encourages consumers to recycle their used Coca-Cola cans.

Over the decades, Ogilvy has been creating impact for brands through iconic, culture-changing, value-driving ideas since the company’s establishment.

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