Crafting Coffee with a Conscience: Utopian Coffee Puts Origin & Flavor First In Their New Look

Utopian Coffee, the craft coffee company founded by backpacking vagabond Brendon Maxwell, has updated its branding and packaging. The rebranding was aimed to better reflect Utopian’s commitment to ethical and sustainable coffee supply chains while infusing personality and meaning into the brand’s visual identity. 

Utopian Coffee
Source: Utopian Coffee

The Story Behind Utopian Coffee

Utopian Coffee, founded by Brendon Maxwell, is a coffee company that aims to provide craft coffee while also maintaining fair pricing and ethical, sustainable coffee supply chains. In addition to their commitment to quality coffee, Utopian also supports former coca farmers through initiatives like Cocaine to Coffee, which assists with their transition to growing coffee.

Utopian Coffee
Source: Utopian Coffee

Pavement Design’s Refresh of Utopian Coffee’s Brand Identity

Utopian Coffee partnered with Pavement Design to update its branding and visual identity. Pavement Design sought to create a unique and memorable design that could differentiate Utopian from other prominent third-wave coffee roasters.

The redesign includes a packaging overhaul that reflects the natural origins of Utopian’s coffee beans. The new packaging features vibrant illustrations inspired by the natural inhabitants of coffee plantations, such as hummingbirds, butterflies, and coffee branches with berries. The bag labels are streamlined to provide essential information without clashing with colorful illustrations.

Pavement Design also worked to elevate Utopian’s brand identity by creating an elegant logotype and incorporating vintage botanical illustrations that capture the sense of a “Garden of Eden” or “utopia” associated with the tropical origins of the coffees.

The Artistic Vision Behind Utopian Coffee’s New Packaging Design

Utopian Coffee
Source: Utopian Coffee

The refreshed branding and packaging design celebrates the beauty and complexity of the natural environments where coffee is grown. This approach aligns with Utopian’s commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, as they continue to support their suppliers along the supply chain.


Overall, the partnership between Utopian Coffee and Pavement Design has resulted in a refreshed brand identity that captures Utopian’s story and unique approach to coffee-making. The new design stands out among other coffee roasters and reflects the wild and beautiful nature where coffee is grown.

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