A ‘Rabbit Hole’ of Entertainment: Amazon Prime Video is Rebranding

The popular streaming service Prime Video, which has over 200 million subscribers, has developed a brand refresh to highlight its incredible array of entertainment and position it as a venue for fandoms of all kinds.

For Prime Video, Amazon developed a brand strategy that envisions the platform as a ‘rabbit hole’ of entertainment where viewers can get lost in millions of choices of content.

In their new brand identity, Viewers move through an infinite ripple of their favorite content using the ‘dimple’ of the iconic Amazon smile as a catalyst. Along with the new identity, Prime Video launched a redesigned app that makes it easier for customers to discover great content.

According to Pentagram, the designers behind this endeavor,

“Amazon developed a brand strategy that envisions the platform as fun, witty, and smart, guiding viewers through the extraordinary range of shows and movies as they follow their personal interests and fandoms.”

In collaboration with the Prime Video team, Pentagram created a visual language that reflects a passion for entertainment and makes space for a wide range of stories. The rebrand expresses as extremely tuned-in and charmingly nerdy (in the best way) when it comes to entertainment with an engaging eye for detail and a playful sense of humor.

As it points into the rabbit hole of Prime Video, the identity creates movement, momentum, and energy using familiar brand elements in a fun and surprising way. The curved form can be cropped into characteristic sections or used as a frame/window for imagery. Taking inspiration from the Prime palette, the visuals break the fourth wall by bursting through the dimples and interacting with the audience. Besides the assortment of iconics, the look can also be adjusted for larger tonal shifts to accommodate the wide range of entertainment available on Prime Video. This is made possible by using two distinct visual modes for different types of content – bold and bright in Prime Video’s signature blue, or dark and cinematic for more serious, sophisticated, and dramatic content.