Cheer for All Sports: Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Revolutionary Campaign to Celebrate Indian Athletes

Cadbury Dairy Milk, in partnership with Ogilvy India, has launched its latest campaign, #CheerForAllSports, to bring India together to support Indian athletes competing in other sports during the upcoming IPL. Let’s know about this campaign, its objectives, and how people can participate and support Indian athletes.

Campaign Objectives

The main aim of Cadbury Dairy Milk’s #CheerForAllSports campaign is to encourage people in India to participate and share in the happiness of others by supporting Indian athletes who will be competing in wrestling, boxing, hockey, table tennis, and other tournaments across the globe during the same time as IPL. Through this campaign, Cadbury Dairy Milk is promoting the spirit of generosity by highlighting and celebrating the unsung heroes of other sports.

How to Participate in #CheerForAllSports?


Cadbury Dairy Milk’s #CheerForAllSports campaign is a multichannel campaign that is being supported by a 360-degree approach, including on-ground and in-store activations, along with OOH activations outside cricket stadiums. The campaign also includes a tech-enabled engagement, which allows users to scan a QR code on the special INR 100 pack of Cadbury Dairy Milk. The QR code leads to a microsite that provides a calendar of other sporting events during the same period as the upcoming IPL season. Users can sign up for reminders and watch and support India in other sports.

Former Indian cricket stars, Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh, are featured in the campaign film celebrating the win for other sports. The brand has also captured key Indian table tennis, hockey, wrestling, and boxing athletes, including Sharath Kamal, Diya Chitale, Hardik Singh, Varun Kumar, and Deepak Puniya.

Join the Stream to Cheer for India

Cadbury Dairy Milk has taken this a step further and arranged for screens to be put up at stadiums where Indian athletes will be playing. When viewers join the link shared via the microsite, they will join thousands more as they all come together to cheer for India, no matter where they are!

#CheerForAllSports – A Positive Change

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In India, the popularity of other sports is not as much as cricket. Through its #CheerForAllSports campaign, Cadbury Dairy Milk is encouraging people to cheer for Indian athletes from other sports, which is a positive change. The campaign features some stars like Sharath Kamal (TT), Varun Kumar, and Hardik Singh (Hockey) and will get these stars in the spotlight and generate more support for non-cricket sports.

A Campaign To Bring Brand New Change in the Society

Cadbury Dairy Milk’s #CheerForAllSports campaign is not just about promoting sports other than cricket but also about creating a positive impact on society by encouraging people to participate in the happiness and success of others. The brand’s commitment to fostering the spirit of generosity and showcasing the unacknowledged is a testimony to its branding strategy. Through this campaign, Cadbury Dairy Milk is not only creating a unique brand identity but also promoting a sense of togetherness and unity among Indians. Overall, the #CheerForAllSports campaign is a brilliant example of how through effective branding, a brand can create a positive impact on society while also achieving its marketing goals.

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