Gen Z is Emotionally Engaged and Invested in TV and Streaming Platforms than Social Media: Report

Marketing agencies and experts are investing their time and money into trying to decode the Gen Z – their likes and dislikes. The latest insight ‘Laugh, Cry, Share, Buy: How TV & Streaming Influences Gen Z More Than Leading Social Platforms’ by the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB), seems to have determined that people born between 1996 and 2010 are quite similar to the millennials, as both generations like the television.

The research highlighted that younger audiences vibe more with premium video content from TV and streaming than with content on top social platforms. It says emotion is the new premium. Premium content, industry shorthand for advertising impact, has primarily been related to the cost of production, with more expensive programming being deemed more premium. Research suggests that premium has more to do with the emotional connection viewers have with their favorite content, which can be significantly impactful at driving ad receptively.

Gen Z is Emotionally Engaged and Invested in TV and Streaming Platforms than Social Media: Report

Danielle DeLauro, Executive Vice President of VAB, says headlines often have people and businesses believe that social media is the-end-all-be-all for reaching Gen Z. “But here’s what we found: TV and streaming content excels in engaging Gen Z audiences, often surpassing social channels in both impact and influence.

“At the end of the day, streaming and social media ultimately complement each other, the emotional connection that streaming evokes is undeniable. The platforms and brands that make the conscious decision to continue leaning into that connection will be the ones primed to drive the most engagement, sales, and importantly, brand loyalty among these young customers.”

The report stated that engagement with high-quality, long-form premium video content grabs much higher attention than other digital and social channels. It spotlighted that Gen Z audiences are notably engaged with TV content, vibing with various genres and formats. Gen Z’s taste for rich storytelling and character development leads them to high-key spend more time with quality content over non-premium video. The strong bonds that Gen Z viewers develop with storylines, characters and personalities from TV and streaming shows often drive them to further engage across platforms, which strengthens their connection to the content.

Gen Z is Emotionally Engaged and Invested in TV and Streaming Platforms than Social Media: Report

Furthermore, the emotion and engagement of TV and streaming content inspires culture and personal emulation of societal trends while influencing consumer behavior across relevant Gen Z categories like retail, apparel & fashion, restaurants/food, CPG, travel and more.

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