IFFCO Group Launches First 100% Plant-Based Meat Factory in the Middle East

The IFFCO Group has opened its first plant-based meat factory for the Middle East region in Dubai Industrial City (DIC). The THRYVE factory will be the first 100 percent plant-based meat factory in the region. It will catalyze the move towards a more sustainable and healthy food chain.

According to an official press release, IFFCO’s THRYVE will leverage advanced food technologies to produce tasty, healthy, sustainable, and culturally relevant food that meets the needs of the local consumer. Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri, Minister of Climate Change and the Environment, said the opening of the innovative new facility also supports the ministry’s efforts to protect the country’s ecosystems and enhance its food and water security, and diversify our food sources. “By fostering such robust research and development focused on producing innovative food products, we seek to raise UAE’s ability to move up the global food industry value chain and achieve a first place on the Global Food Security Index by 2051. The new factory represents a significant contribution to sustainability in the food supply chain.”

Hadi Badri, CEO of the Dubai Economic Development Corporation at Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism, believes the factory will pave the way for a dynamic new industry that will boost trade across the region. “It is a reflection of the UAE’s commitment to pioneer the use of innovative technologies to provide sustainable solutions to real-world problems.”

Saud Abu Alshawareb, executive vice president, of Industrial Leasing, Dubai Industrial City, described DIC as an ideal location for initiatives like the IFFCO Group’s plant-based meat factory that underscores the importance of food security. DIC is home to a growing number of Dubai-based food manufacturers who are leading the way in introducing innovative food products. The newest addition boosts value to the industry while strengthening the ministry’s reputation as facilitators of a self-reliant food programme.

Furthermore, the THRYVE factory is a testament to the pivotal role being played at Dubai in promoting the growth and evolution of environmentally sound practices that can alleviate the effects of climate change. Dubai is accelerating the creation of a robust and resilient green economy by providing opportunities for private companies to invest in sustainable technologies.