Promising Saudi Brands That Can Shape the Future of KSA

The Saudi Arabian government has made a substantial contribution to the development of entrepreneurship in the nation over the years. The Saudi government is dedicated to fostering the development of new businesses, as seen by programs like the Misk Foundation, which gives young Saudis access to mentors and finance, and the Vision 2030 plan, which […]

Telosa: Know about America’s Futuristic City to Be Built in the US Desert

telosa America’s Futuristic City

The City Telosa is a proposed city that is set to be built in the desert of the United States, with an estimated cost of $400 billion. The Telosa project was proposed in September 2021 by billionaire Marc Lore. It is to be built somewhere in the US western desert.   The name ‘Telosa’ derives […]

Hyundai’s ‘Beyond Mobility 2.0’: An Innovative Campaign with Humanity at Its Core

Hyundai Beyond Mobility 2.0 Brand The Change

With its ‘Beyond Mobility’ campaign, Hyundai is exploring new steps to demonstrate its continued dedication to the advancement of intelligent technology, sustainability, and innovation. Beyond Mobility 2.0 is focused on establishing shared, connected, and clean vehicles as the future of transportation. The campaign aims to lead the future of mobility with shared, connected, and clean […]