Hyundai’s ‘Beyond Mobility 2.0’: An Innovative Campaign with Humanity at Its Core

With its ‘Beyond Mobility’ campaign, Hyundai is exploring new steps to demonstrate its continued dedication to the advancement of intelligent technology, sustainability, and innovation.

Beyond Mobility 2.0 is focused on establishing shared, connected, and clean vehicles as the future of transportation. The campaign aims to lead the future of mobility with shared, connected, and clean vehicles, drawing inspiration from the firm’s worldwide vision of ‘Progress for Humanity’, according to a news statement from the company.


Hyundai Mobility Membership and other digital platforms like Click to Buy are examples of the company’s Innovative solutions for its customers. Users can now look into different buying options on their mobile devices using this feature.

An improved and more promising future depends on Sustainability. Through programmes like the Dry Wash programme, the use of LED lights, and the utilization of renewable energy, Hyundai works to develop sustainable solutions with environmental initiatives for the dealer network in addition to within the factory network.

Hyundai is in the process of shifting to Intelligent technologies that are future-ready and go beyond mobility. This is in line with the company’s attempt at enhancing the client experience with contemporary ideas.

True to our vision of  ‘Progress for Humanity’, our future mobility solutions are guided by our commitment to creating a better society for all. Our latest brand campaign – Beyond Mobility 2.0 is a preview of Hyundai’s vision to transform the future mobility landscape into an advanced and sustainable habitat. This vision for the future lays emphasis on synergies created out of partnerships and collaborations that will help us elevate customer experiences and provide smart mobility solutions to everyone.

Tarun Garg, director (sales, marketing & service), Hyundai Motor India Ltd., commented on the campaign.

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Hasin Hamza