Cadbury The Glass and a Half Campaign: A Powerful Platform

Cadbury has cashed in on the rarely touched father-son relation in their latest “The Glass and a Half Campaign”.

The ad film is about a father’s struggles on the first day at a new job and his self-doubts. The son assures him with comforting words. He reassures the father that the colleagues may be younger, but he has valuable experiences. The son then tells the father to check the glove compartment and find a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk that he had put chocolate in there to show his support.

Jonathan McCarthy, head of the global brand, Cadbury & Toblerone, said The Glass and a Half campaign is a big brand idea that serves as a platform for powerful stories, and ‘Speakerphone’ is a more than worthy addition to the series, bringing a fresh perspective with different relationship dynamics and narrative structure whilst staying true to the core elements that makes the campaign so successful.”

Chris Birch and Jonny Parker, executive creative directors at VCCP London, said they have a lot of love for Speakerphone, the fifth film in the Glass and a Half in Everyone series. “It’s probably the simplest, and yet the most ambitious, given the feeling we’re after using just one actor and a phone.”

The film was directed by Steve Rogers, a celebrated director who is renowned for Garage.

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