Hellmann’s Mayo McHack: A Funny Sneaky Campaign

Mayonnaise is definitely one of the most popular condiments there is. The American brand found in its research that mayonnaise is the most popular dipping sauce for fries. As such, Hellmann’s is set out to help more people enjoy mayo as their dip of choice, even

Hellmann’s is taking its mayonnaise to consumers via a funny and sneaky campaign Mayo McHack. Sounds like something from a McDonald’s menu, doesn’t it? Well, there’s a catch. Hellmann’s mayonnaise is not in the McDonald’s Club of condiments. So, the brand is now sneaking its way in!


How Does it Work

The consumer has to order a Mayo Chicken burger and customize it to exclude, bun and lettuce. The consumer is left with just the sauce to pair their fries. Hellmann’s describes this as “the happiest meal of all”.


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Christina Bauer-Plank, global VP of Hellmann’s and Dressings at Unilever, says they know that fries and mayonnaise are a delicious combination. “We also know that there’s a legion of mayo lovers in the U.K. McDonald’s U.K doesn’t offer mayo as a dip. So, we see #MayoMcHack as the perfect opportunity to serve mayonnaise superfans and right this wrong. We’re here for all fellow mayo lovers and wanted to help bring mayo and fries together, as they should be!”

This sneaky but funny campaign came out of the absence of ready-made mayonnaise sachets in U.K. McDonald’s outlets because traditionally-minded British diners hold firmly onto their red and brown sauce, or salt and vinegar.

Furthermore, Hellmann’s is offering 1,000 customers a refund on their £1.19 burger-less burgers by dispensing vouchers in return for photographic evidence of their mayo-only orders.

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Nandika Chand