Hershey’s India Launches Milkshake in ‘Slurp Up the Fun’ Campaign

In its latest digital campaign Slurp Up the Fun, Hershey’s India has launched a new flavor – a novel blend of cashew nuts and butterscotch ice cream flavor. The company drew inspiration from customer trends and research to bring the distinctive cashew butterscotch ice cream flavor milkshake.

Slurp Up the Fun highlights the indulgent experience of enjoying  Hershey’s milkshake. Hershey’s India aims to connect with consumers of all age groups through the campaign and encourage them to discover and savor the new and exciting flavors of the milkshake as a refreshing solution to beat the summer heat.

Geetika Mehta, managing director, Hershey’s India, said Hershey’s iconic milkshake is a huge hit with consumers. “So we wanted to create a new experience this summer by introducing an all-new delicious variant. Cashew butterscotch ice cream flavor milkshake expands our premium milkshake portfolio across India.” Mehta says it’s another step in creating a brand that is connected with its consumers and their preferences.

Ankit Desai, marketing director, of Hershey’s India, believes summer makes an ideal time for consumers to indulge in milkshake and Hershey’s delectable range of milkshake make it a delightful summer quencher. “The upbeat digital creative celebrates all things fun, thereby urging consumers to ‘Slurp Up the Fun’ with our range of exciting milkshake flavors. We are thrilled to take the digital route to introduce an all-new exotic variant, cashew butterscotch ice cream flavor milkshake, and we are confident it will receive much love from consumers.”

The campaign features a group of tired and bored kids being introduced to the new range of Hershey’s Milkshakes by their mother. When they taste the delicious milkshake, they instantly feel refreshed. It highlights that Hershey’s milkshake range serves as the perfect remedy for a hot summer day.

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