Jeep Legacy Captures Emotions Between Father – Son Amid Unforgiving Terrain

Jeep vehicles are tough on terrains and soft on emotions.

Highlighting the grandeur of Indonesia, the ad film Jeep Legacy captures the amazing performance of Jeep vehicles across unforgiving terrain, and a story, as well as raw emotions between a father and his son.

Dhani Yahya, COO of Das Indonesia – the sole distributor of Jeep Indonesia, believes Jeep itself has a rich legacy. “It is a brand that spans generations and inspires people of all ages and backgrounds. We are proud to dedicate this film to our legions of fans here in Indonesia.” The film, directed by RLV – The Braintrust from Seven Sunday Films, shot by Pascal Remond and edited by Dave Singh, was shot across Bromo, Bali, and Sumba.

Rajesh Menon, Founder/ECD of Chai Indonesia, described Jeep as an iconic brand. “It is one of those rare brands that throws all demographic and psychographic profiles out of the window, everybody desires one. How better to showcase this than to tell an emotional story, that brings alive what the Jeep legacy really means?”

RLV shared that from the get-go, they knew that this would be an exciting but challenging project. “All parties were involved from the very start of the ideation stage, and once Rajesh and myself carved out a direction, we were allowed to go and tell a beautiful story, coupled with a powerful and in-depth script from the agency.”

He pointed out that the freedom and trust allowed them to go beyond.

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