Kraft Real Mayo: Swipe Right for Mayo, Make or Break Relationships

Mayonnaise can help people find love! Yup, you read it right. Kraft Real Mayo’s latest study found so. Mayo enthusiasts in Kraft Real Mayo’s tests received smoother, higher-quality and pick-up lines. However, it didn’t say what app was used for Swipe Right for Mayo.

Kraft Real Mayo launched a light-hearted campaign ahead of National Lover’s Day on April 23. The brand’s videos on Instagram and TikTok espouse how mayonnaise can grow one’s romantic appeal. Kraft Real Mayo offers to help consumers revamp their own profiles with some mayo-themed flare. It highlighted that this is a stealthy way to spread user-generated content on dating platforms that aren’t conducive to the format.

Kraft Real Mayo drew inspiration from the idea that different food tastes can be a deal-breaker for some couples. The brand shared a poll that found that 14% of people would end a new relationship over mismatched palettes. It might lead one to assume that something as controversial as mayo is a no-go, which Swipe Right for Mayo seeks to disprove. Time and again, Kraft Real Mayo has boasted the condiment’s contentious qualities to position itself around a sense of foodie tribalism.

Frances Sabatier, brand manager at Kraft Real Mayo, said they chose to revel with their fans. “Swipe Right for Mayo takes that revelry to the next level with a social experiment designed to test if our mayo freaks are actually more dateable. Not only did we enjoy conducting this hilarious and lighthearted social experiment, but we loved that the results proved our hypothesis.”

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Source Kraft Real Mayo

Simon Au, executive creative director of The Kitchen, said the campaign was created from the great insight into how food tastes can be a deal breaker in relationships. “We thought, if food can break people up, maybe the reverse is true, and love for Mayo can bring them together. The idea also taps into conversations we captured through social listening, of consumers discussing how to optimize their dating profile, making Swipe Right for Mayo a social idea at its core.”

As part of the social experiment, Kraft Real Mayo created identical dating profiles (some with mayo featured prominently, some without) on one of the country’s biggest dating apps. It then swiped through indiscriminately to find out which profile (mayo or non-mayo) would get more matches, likes and messages. The brand ran this test across the U.S. Kraft Real Mayo established a clear answer “Adding mayo to your dating profile can make you more dateable.”