Lay’s x Netflix Money Heist Create Disrupted Campaign to Announce New Flavors in Saudi Arabia

Inspired by the Netflix series Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, Lay’s Saudi Arabia has launched three new flavors Wasabi Ginger, Spicy Ranch, and Kimchi Noodles. The new exciting, but limited-edition flavors celebrate the series’ characters Tokyo, Denver, and Professor.

Lay’s says the limited-edition flavors have original packaging inspired by each character on the bag. Fans can even participate in a heist-inspired campaign across different points in the Kingdom, with Saudi influencers Malak Al Dawood, Ahmed Aljar, Mshari Alotaibi, and Aziz Bin Hani, leading the hunt in stores across KSA.

“Thinly sliced and prepared with a meticulous approach to quality and flavor, the tantalizing new additions are part of Lay’s consistent innovation, bringing exciting flavors and textures from around the world to Saudi Arabia,” says Lay’s.

The brand highlighted that the new flavors have been introduced to delight and surprise in equal measure. Lay’s has come out with a fan-driven campaign with the Netflix series Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, which is about eight thieves staging a spectacular heist in a newly unified zone between North and South Korea. This series topped the Netflix global watchlist when it was released.

Lay’s Saudi Arabia has also introduced a consumer competition, wherein seven lucky winners have the chance of winning special prizes, including a role in an upcoming Saudi film, a trip to Korea or Japan, in-home cinema, and attending a Netflix premiere, by participating in a TikTok acting challenge.

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