Mattel’s Barbie and Swoon Team Up for Limited Edition Pink Lemonade

Mattel‘s Barbie Land and Swoon, the zero-sugar lemonade and iced tea brand, have joined forces for a limited-edition release called “Barbie Pink Lemonade.” The refreshing drink, which features the same monk-fruit-sweetened formula as Swoon’s regular lemonade, comes in an exclusive, co-branded label. The drink’s can is primarily Barbie pink, with a lemon slice and two whole strawberries, making it the perfect drink for summertime.


A Barbie-Inspired Collaboration

As the official pink lemonade of Barbie Land, Swoon’s Barbie Pink Lemonade is a tribute to the iconic brand and the moments that it has inspired generations of fans. This limited-edition drink is the perfect way to celebrate life’s little moments and elevate everyday activities.

Swoon X Barbie Pink Lemonade

The limited edition Swoon pink lemonade features the same monk-fruit-sweetened refreshment in an exclusive, co-branded label. The can is principally Barbie pink, with a lemon slice between two whole strawberries. Jennifer Ross, a co-founder of Swoon, expressed her excitement about the partnership in a press release, stating that both brands focus on celebrating life’s little moments and elevating the everyday things we all do. Supporting the Barbie Dream Gap Project: In addition to providing a sweet treat for fans of both brands, ten percent of net sales of the limited-edition collaboration Swoon sodas will go to the Barbie Dream Gap Project. This brand-led initiative aims to give girls resources to inspire them to believe in themselves and continue pursuing their dreams.

Where Can You Find Swoon X Barbie Pink Lemonade?

The Swoon X Barbie Pink Lemonade is available in 12-can packs online at and in retailers where Swoon is sold, like Target, Publix, and Whole Foods—accessories sold separately, of course.

Final Thoughts

By the looks of it, the Swoon and Barbie Land collaboration is a perfect match, with both brands focusing on celebrating life’s little moments and elevating everyday things. The limited edition Swoon X Barbie Pink Lemonade is a refreshing drink that captures the essence of the iconic Barbie brand. By purchasing the limited edition release, consumers are not only treating themselves to a delicious drink, but they are also supporting the Barbie Dream Gap Project, a brand-led strategy that aims to inspire girls to pursue their dreams.

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Hasin Hamza