Meteorite or Fashion Accessory? Coperni’s New Swipe Bag Has Everyone Talking

Coperni, the French luxury brand, has recently unveiled a limited edition purse made of meteorites. The mini Meteorite Swipe Bag weighs around 1.8kg and has a total height of 23 cm, with the meteorite individually sourced per each order and coming from various locations, depending on where the meteorite fell on earth. The dark grey stone bag with an incorporated meteorite is priced at 40,000 euros, which is about ₹35 lakh.

Coperni’s New Swipe Bag Has Everyone Talking

A Unique Object That Combines Archeology, Design, and Art

According to the brand’s website, “As a part of the Fall / Winter 23, Coperni has exclusively created the mini ‘Meteorite’ Swipe Bag. A unique object that subtly combines archeology, design, and classical and primitive art.” The specific meteorite featured in the photograph is estimated to have fallen on earth 55,000 years ago and is certified 100% authentic by Theatrum Mundi. The bag is crafted by hand and incorporated into the bag by the Italian factory Semar. When delivered, it comes with a certificate of authenticity.

A Work of Art or a Fashion Accessory?

Many people have referred to the bag as a “work of art,” with some users commenting on the brand’s post on Instagram that they were impressed by this unique creation. “How ‘copper’ is laser-etched on the bag is sickening, I’m sickened,” one user commented. “I’m yelling, this is so iconic,” said another. A third individual added, “40k for a bag that looks like the inside of my mother’s old slippers. Take my money.”

Meteorite or Fashion Accessory

To conclude, Coperni’s limited edition meteorite purse demonstrates the brand’s dedication to innovation and creativity. Coperni’s Mini Meteorite Swipe Bag is a unique creation that perfectly blends archeology, design, and art. While some may see it as a work of art, others may see it as a fashion accessory. Either way, it is a luxury item that is sure to turn heads and spark conversations.

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Hasin Hamza