Reckitt’s Lysol Karaoke it’s New Air Sanitizer

Lysol has stepped up its marketing strategy with “Air-aoke”, an interactive pop-up karaoke experience that uses LED technology, to showcase the brand’s latest product Lysol Air Sanitizer.

Reckitt, Lysol’s parent company, says this will put Lysol Air Sanitizer’s skills to the test and educate consumers on how to protect themselves from the 1,000 virus and bacteria-filled droplets that can be produced from just one minute of singing.

The Air-aoke draws inspiration from popular immersive art exhibits. It’s a chance for music lovers to get behind the mic and digitally showcase how Lysol Air Sanitizer kills 99.9 percent of airborne viruses and bacteria. People can sign up for the Air-aoke experience and select a song by scanning a QR code at the activation that will register them for a performance slot.

White Linen Lysol Air Sanitizer in a living room

Christina Milian, an actress, producer, singer, and entrepreneur, has partnered with Lysol to take the Air-aoke at Music Midtown and educate consumers about the importance of germ prevention. “Performing is one of my biggest passions, but protecting my family always comes first. That’s why I am going to take the mic at Air-aoke and show how Lysol Air Sanitizer is changing the game when it comes to air care.”

Benoit Veryser, Vice President of US Marketing for Lysol at Reckitt, said with Lysol Air Sanitizer the brand is continuing its long-standing mission of protecting consumers and keeping them, and their loved ones safe from the spread of illness-causing viruses and bacteria. “With the introduction of Air-aoke, we’re able to showcase Lysol Air Sanitizer’s efficacy in a unique way while empowering consumers with the knowledge and tools they need to fight airborne pathogens.”

Lysol has also engaged influencers to create music-forward social content on TikTok and Instagram.

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