Skoda Goes Big on Carols Christmas 2023

Skoda is going big this Christmas with “The Skoda Christmas Conversion Choir”. The car maker has surprised customers with carols and choir singing in collaboration with Tony Margeta-led Adolf Fredik’s Music Classes, in a NORD DDB-powered campaign.

Skoda has leveraged Christmas songs, surprising customers of competitor car brands with old-fashioned Christmas caroling, using reworked Christmas classics to encourage them to reconsider their choice of car brand. The reimagined songs highlight product advantages of the all-electric Skoda Enyaq and in some instances, playfully sends a humorous jab to competitors.

Stefan Nygen, Marketing Director at Skoda Sweden, they are keen to direct people’s attention to Skoda’s newly updated, fully electric Enyaq. “Teaming up with the amazing Adolf Fredik Music Classes and getting into the Christmas spirit, we’re aiming to spread some laughter and joy.” He said several classic Christmas songs have been given, new, updated titles and lyrics such as ‘We Wish You a Merry Enyaq’, ‘Silent Ride’, ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’, and the Swedish song ‘A Thousand Enyaqs are now being charged’.

Josephine Wallin Ankarstrand, Creative Director at NORD DDB, said in their collaboration with Skoda, they’ve rolled out a variety of campaigns that are fun, witty, and imaginative, something that’s extra important during this busy time when so many brands are vying for attention. “Skoda might not be the biggest, but they can be the smartest, and who wouldn’t open their doors to a delightful choir singing Christmas carols, even if the songs are about trunk space, test drives, and value for money?”

Tony Margeta, conductor and artistic director of Adolf Fredrik’s Boys Choir, says collaborating with Skoda to bring people joy through the festive Christmas songs was tremendously fun. “Christmas caroling, or car-olling as we like to call it, can make people pause and savor the moment a bit more. Given the smiles and cheers our talented boys and girls received, we’re considering another round of performance before Christmas Eve.”

The choir made up of boys and girls aged 11-13 surprised about ten homes in the suburbs of Stockholm – each with a competitor’s car parked outside!

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