Specsavers Creates Witty Out-of-Home Stunt Campaign

Specsavers, a UK-based optical retailer, has come up with a witty out-of-home campaign, rather a stunt to captivate audiences. As part of the campaign, Specsavers has stuck its branded van on a rising billboard, right next to a sign that warns about the danger.

This forms part of the brand’s ‘Should’ve Gone to Specsavers’ campaign. Created by Grand Visual, an out-of-home agency, the campaign was launched in the heart of Edinburgh city center. The campaign, or rather the stunt, highlights situations or scenarios that wouldn’t have happened if people were wearing the right glasses or contact lens subscriptions.

Specsavers Creates Witty Out-of-Home Stunt Campaign

Specsavers campaign shows a van parked on top of an automatic rising billboard (which has risen). There’s also a clear warning sign that states “Caution. Automatic billboards in operation. No parking”.

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Nandika Chand