Speedo Relaunches in Olympic Year with ‘Go Full Speedo’

Speedo has leveraged the upcoming Paris Olympics 2024 to relaunch through a global campaign with creative agency MIRIMAR to ‘Go Full Speedo’. The brand also strives to reclaim its Aussie heritage as the No. 1 swimwear brand.

Speedo Relaunches in Olympic Year with ‘Go Full Speedo’

As part of the global campaign, MIRIMAR came up with three films – ‘Go Full Speedo’, ‘Towel Change’, and ‘What Do You Call Them’. There’s also a song, filmed by Australian director Scottie Cameron. Moreover, the campaign is star-studded with Dacre Montgomery who starred in Stranger Things and Power Rangers; skateboarding legend Peggi Oki, and the stars of Bondi Rescue.Speedo Relaunches in Olympic Year with ‘Go Full Speedo’

Simon Breckon, SVP of Speedo International, says ‘Go Full Speedo’ embodies the indomitable spirit that resides within us all. “An unwavering determination to seize every opportunity, both in and out of the water, and take commitment to the next level.” He expressed excitement to launch the latest campaign alongside stars like Dacre and all the brand’s athlete partners.

Luke McKelvey, Co-founder at MIRIMAR, recalled growing up in Bondi before moving to the United States. “Speedo was always more than just a swimwear brand – it was iconic for the people and the lifestyle it represented. We love that this new platform can encompass everything from a kid jumping from the high board for the first time to an Olympic athlete breaking a world record.”Speedo Relaunches in Olympic Year with ‘Go Full Speedo’

Go Full Speedo’ campaign helps the brand reclaim its position in the hearts of the Bondi Beach goers who made it famous, as well as anyone with the attitude and cheekiness to identify with it.

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