Taco Bell Introduces Brand’s First-Ever Pre-Recorded Advice Hotline Featuring Paris Hilton

Taco Bello is spicing things up by partnering with Paris Hilton for a hot advice line and 2000s fan-favorite Volcano Menu. Paris Hilton is bringing back Taco Bell’s trio of options, an iconic menu, and introducing the brand’s first-ever hotline.

Fans have the chance to get advice straight from the socialite herself on what’s hot and what’s not. Whether it’s life coaching or wanting to know if bangs are a good idea, Paris Hilton has got it covered. Fans have to dial into the Hot Line at 1-844-THTS-HOT and take advantage of a selection of six pre-recorded messages while relishing the Volcano Menu offers.

Hilton said Taco Bell’s Volcano Menu isn’t just iconic. “It’s the epitome of hot. I am loving being a part of this Y2K revival with my very own Hot Line and hope fans will take my advice to Sliv mas.” Taylor Montgomery, U.S. Chief Marketing Officer, said the brand always listens to its fans. “The extensive passion and needs of the Volcano fanbase could no longer go unmet. Taco Bell is always looking to deliver on the surprise factor for fans and build on our reputation of choosing authentic partnerships with those who are already mega-fans. So, to bring up the heat for this major campaign, we called on none other than Paris Hilton.” Montgomery added that always in the know of what’s hot, Paris will help bring back those beloved items of the 2000s that never go out of style.

Taco Bell bringing back its fiery Volcano Menu after decade-long absence - mlive.com

Krystal Hauserman, CMO of Paris Hilton’s next-gen media company 11:11 Media, said Paris Hilton’s iconic presence and Taco Bell’s HOT flavors are coming together to create a deliciously nostalgic experience that will transport you back to the turn of the millennium. “The hotline is just the beginning, fans will be able to join in other fun ways including on TikTok and through new music by Paris that will make you say THAT’S HOT.”

The return of the long-awaited menu follows online petitions, social media pleas and various at-home attempts of those looking to recreate the rich and spicy blend of cheeses and fiery red jalapeno peppers, the original Lava Sauce is known for. The Volcano Menu, since its inception, has filled the hearts and stomachs of fans yearning for authentic Taco Bell flavors paired with a flavorful taste of heat and spice.

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