Tango Introduces ‘Dangerously Potent Flavor’ Dark Berry in Humorous Ad Campaign

U.K. soft drink Tango has come up with a humorous ad campaign to introduce its so-called potent Tango Dark Berry Lab.

The advert, a collaborative work with VCCP London, is a bust! The police raid a Tango Dark Berry Lab and discover cans, beakers and test tubes, and a whole bricked-up wall filled with the sweet purple beverage. One police officer tastes it and starts acting silly with the tagline “Get Tango’d” flashing on the screen.

George Wait, VCCP creative director, shared that Tango is the reason many of them got into advertising in the first place. “We all knew we had huge shoes to fill when coming up with an entirely new campaign for the brand. Tango has always pushed the boundaries on what’s acceptable for a soft drink. We’ve tried to honor this heritage, taking the brand back to its roots of comedic hyperbole.”

Wait said they have created a world, redefining the whole perception of Tango as a substance and giving new life to the idea of getting Tango’d. “We are excited to unleash this campaign on the world and continue to play in this slightly ridiculous, edgy, and unmistakably ‘Tango’ universe we’ve created.”

Harriet Dyson, Marketing Controller Fruit Flavored Carbonates at Britvic, said Tango is a much loved bold British brand with a mischievous advertising heritage. “We are excited to launch an exciting new campaign that demonstrates the power of our tangy fruit flavors.” Dyson said Bust is the first advert in their new “dangerously potent flavor” campaign.

Tango, through its latest campaign, is on a mission to continue to increase its market share and introduce a younger generation. It breaks the pre-existing category norms of the soft drinks market and taps into its heritage distinct position of being bold. Tango pushes boundaries and behaves mischievously while retaining its classic British humor roots.

The beverage’s latest campaign wants to celebrate those who break free from the shackles of expectation and unashamedly go all in and fully express themselves.

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Nandika Chand