‘The Juice That Starts It All’: Tropicana Pure Premium Emphasizes Moments of Joy

Tropicana says it may have not invented orange juice, but it did find a way to bring fresh-tasting OJ to everyone.  The brand has launched its latest campaign ‘The Juice That Starts It All’, the works of creative agency Cramer-Krasselt and production company JOJX.

The latest campaign is Tropicana’s strategy to tackle a decline in orange juice consumption. In 2020, Tropicana was the leading brand in terms of sales, but in recent years it has been left behind by competitors who are thriving through creative output, strengthening their foothold in the market.

Tropicana touts that it uses oranges handpicked at their peak.  “And to this day, we use oranges handpicked at their peak, squeeze them within 24 hours, and never add any sugar, bringing delicious OJ to fridges everywhere.”

James Spalding, VP and general manager of Tropicana at Tropicana Brands Group, said with ‘The Juice That Starts It All’, the brand is going one step further to demonstrate how Tropicana continues its commitment to delivering fresh-tasting orange juice. “Not only putting OJ in the hands of consumers but also jump-starting the many other joyous moments that are made possible through Tropicana Pure Premium.”

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Nandika Chand