World’s First Cardboard Cake: The Hallway Teams Up with Wholegreen Bakery for this Unique Creation

The Hallway, an independent advertising agency, collaborated with an Australian gluten-free bakery Wholegreen Bakery to create the world’s first cardboard cake. This nullifies the perception that gluten-free foods taste like cardboard.

Wholegreen Bakery said the ‘Cardboard Cake’ is made with a blend of premium ingredients including butterscotch, coffee, cocoa powder, pastry, caramel, and brown rice flour. Cherie Lyden, founder of Wholegreen Bakery, said she would be a rich lady if she had a dollar for every time she heard people say that gluten-free food tastes like cardboard. “We’ve been proving the skeptics wrong for years, but with The Cardboard Cake, we’re taking it to the next level and tackling the misconceptions head-on.”

Simon Lee, Chief Creative Officer and Partner at The Hallyway, said this is a little cake with a big point to prove – “that you can have a gluten-free diet and not deprive yourself of the pleasure of eating delicious baked goods. It’s been an extraordinary collaboration that’s taken our design and production smarts out of the studio and into the kitchen. Bon Appetit!”

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Nandika Chand