Cadbury ‘Memory Bar Boxes’ Gives a Sense of Comfort, Helps Tackle Dementia

Cadbury in partnership with Alzheimer’s Research UK has released thousands of ‘Memory Bar Boxes’ to care homes and support homes across the United Kingdom for those living with dementia. These special Cadbury Memory Bar Boxes will help evoke nostalgic memories amongst people living with Alzheimer’s.

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Samantha Benham-Hermetz, Executive Director of Policy and Communications at Alzheimer’s Research UK, says the Cadbury Memory Bar Boxes are such a special way for people with dementia and their loved ones to reminisce together. “We’re delighted that thousands of people will benefit from them. Our partnership with Cadbury is also helping to put a much-needed spotlight on dementia and driving forward Alzheimer’s Research UK’s work towards a cure. It is more important than ever that we continue to progress towards new treatments, as this is our best chance of putting a stop to the heartbreak of dementia. But we can’t do this alone.”

Benham-Hermetz said Cadbury, over the years, has received lots of requests for retro packaging and archive material, to support with these activities. “One activity which has been suggested as being beneficial to people living with dementia, as well as carers, is Reminiscence Therapy, which involves discussing memories and past experiences using tangible prompts such as photographs or nostalgic items to evoke memories and to stimulate conversation.”

Cadbury ‘Memory Bar Boxes’ Gives a Sense of Comfort, Helps Tackle Dementia

Elise Burditt, Senior Marketing Director at Cadbury, shared that as Cadbury turns 200 this year, there has been great excitement in celebrating the longstanding partnership between the brand and the British public. “200 years of products that have become part of our culture in life moments big and small. As part of the celebrations, we wanted to answer special requests that had been coming from care homes, dementia support groups, and members of the public over the years, for nostalgic Cadbury wrappers and posters, which could provide a sense of comfort and connection to those living with dementia.

Cadbury release Memory Bar Boxes as part of partnership with Alzheimer's Research UK - Alzheimer's Research UK

Cadbury declared its partnership with Alzheimer’s Research UK earlier this year and released limited-edition Dairy Milk bars which featured iconic designs from 1915 to the present day. “Now those bars feature within these Memory Bar Boxes, which will be sent around the country to people affected by the condition, said Burditt. “We are also donating £200,000 to support Alzheimer’s Research UK’s search for a cure for dementia and their work to drive awareness of the condition.

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