CORA Dominates Best Redesign Category With New Identity, Bags Coveted 2023 Dieline Award

CORA, the leading US brand for period care and wellness, has won the 2023 Dieline Award for Best Redesign for its inclusive and eco-conscious packaging. The brand launched a new identity with Mother Design in 2022 that put inclusivity and comfort front and center.

The redesign gives Cora’s packaging a bold look and feels, tone of voice, and communications. It positioned the feminine hygiene and health brand from an impersonal experience to a more relatable and personal one. Molly Hayward, founder, and CEO of Cora, explained consumers want a real, relatable, and empathetic experience. Andrea McCulloch, VP of Brand & Creative of Cora, said they wanted to evolve period care to feel more like self-care.

Period Care Specialist Cora Reveals Colorful Rebrand And New Wellness Products | Beauty Independent

Kristy Minns, Executive Creative Director at Mother Design, said one needs to understand the emotional motivations behind buying a particular brand. “Often, the brands in this sector are the ones your parents have bought you, and you end up sticking with those because that’s the product you trust. So much work is involved in converting consumers to try something new. So, it’s just understanding those barriers, which comes down to making it relevant to the audience.”

Minns said they looked at positioning Cora differently from the rest of the category. “The positioning was about bringing comfort to the uncomfortable, which became the design’s foundations. And once that phase happened, we went into the territory phase.”

Cora’s rebranding aimed to capture the undeniable fluctuation felt in every part of life by those who menstruate. Minns said the elements were visualized through vibrant typography, a contemporary color palette, and a smart use of negative space. The brand’s updated logo helps drive it into an easily recognizable area.

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