Courier Magazine Evolves with Major Overhaul

Courier magazine, the publication that explores how people live and work “on their own terms,” has announced a design refresh for its 50th issue. The magazine, which has been in print for ten years and has released 50 issues, is embracing more experimental formats and stripping out traditional sections that readers might expect in print. Let’s take a closer look at the changes in Courier’s 50th issue.

A New Look for Courier Magazine’s 10-Year Anniversary

The redesign for Courier’s 50th issue was developed with Alex Hunting Studio and produced in-house by creative director Lisa Rahman. Courier’s creative director Kate McInerney explains that they added elements of surprise and intrigue to the design, which readers can see throughout the magazine. While Courier remains true to its founding focus, it’s moving away from traditional layouts and evolving its photography to reflect it’s evolving approach.

Evolving Formats and Bespoke Design

Kate McInerney says that they wanted to take a classic magazine and turn it on its head. The magazine now features a bespoke approach for each story and is more collectible with a bigger size and premium paper stock. The new design also includes sticker sheets and pull-out posters for readers to enjoy. The heartbeat concept guides the reader through the magazine, and readers can expect more fun printing concepts in future editions.

A Mood Board of Self-Expression

The 50th issue of Courier Magazine is more than just a visual refresh. It’s a celebration of self-expression and creativity. The magazine’s focus on exploring how people live and work “on their own terms” remains at the core of its identity. However, the new design reimagines how this success is represented in the modern economy. The magazine is now more experimental with its formats, giving readers a mood board of self-expression to explore. The issue features a digitally interactive sleep feature by Ana Curbelo, stickers of the brand logo reimagined by Courier’s Sean Thomas, and an animated poster by Ardhira Putra.

The new design refresh is expected to attract new readers while keeping the existing ones engaged. Production will now revolve around two issues a year instead of the previous six, with a more experimental and innovative approach to content creation.

In my opinion, Courier Magazine’s 50th issue marks a refreshing change in print, with more experimental formats, bespoke design, and collectible features. The magazine remains true to its founding focus while reimagining how it represents success in the modern economy. With its bigger size, premium paper stock, and fun printing concepts, Courier’s 50th issue is definitely worth adding to your collection.