Experience Open World Like Never Before With This Multi-Landscape Shoe

Vivobarefoot, a minimalist running shoe brand, has released the Hydra ESC, a multi-landscape shoe that is suitable for a variety of activities. The British shoe brand is known for its iconic innovations in the footwear industry and this latest discovery from them is nothing short. Let’s get to know about this design masterpiece:

Design and Features

The Hydra ESC is a low-weight shoe that is suitable for both on-land and water activities. The shoe is designed with a knitted upper that keeps out debris and a Michelin ESC sole that offers traction for grip on uneven or slippery terrain with a 2.5mm base and 7mm lug height. The shoe also features fast water drainage, making it suitable for water activities. It comes in two colorways: Obsidian and Sea Green.

Benefits for Health and Wellbeing

Vivobarefoot’s Co-founder, Galahad Clark, believes that water can benefit our health and well-being. According to him, being near the sea or another body of water can have an amazing impact on our natural health. The Hydra ESC is designed to encourage people to get out and get their feet wet. The shoe is thin, wide, and flexible, allowing for natural movement and maximum sensory feedback underfoot.

By the looks of it, the Hydra ESC is definitely going to be a milestone for the British shoe brand. A versatile shoe that is suitable for a variety of activities, whether it’s on-land or water-based. The shoe is designed to be comfortable, and flexible, and provide maximum sensory feedback underfoot. With its knitted upper and Michelin ESC sole, the Hydra ESC is a shoe that is built to last.