Kraft Singles Rebrands with Clean Look and Easier-to-Open Wraps

Kraft Singles, the beloved cheese brand from Kraft Heinz, is getting a fresh new look with redesigned packaging. The new packaging features a clean, less cluttered look with simple and bold typography, a larger and slightly redesigned logo, and a new graphic that emphasizes the cheese not having artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. The redesigned wrappers and packaging will be used on all Kraft Singles products and will roll out through the end of the year.

Kraft Singles

A New Look that Celebrates Cheesy Goodness

The redesigned Kraft Singles packaging embraces a modern aesthetic that puts the cheese in the spotlight. With a solid Kraft blue background, refined wordmark, and a playful drip from the “g’s” tail, the packaging exudes a sense of fun and indulgence. The center features a mouthwatering image of a gooey sliced sandwich, set against a vibrant cheesy yellow reminiscent of Kraft’s iconic slices. Updated typography and clean presentation enhance the overall appeal.

Contemporary Packaging Revamp

Collaborating with design and branding agency JKR, has made this rebranding possible for Kraft, introducing a fresh look and improved packaging for single slices. The new redesign is to make it stand out more on the shelf and give it a more contemporary look. The redesigned packaging also emphasizes that the cheese is made with real dairy and does not have artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. The individual slices will now be wrapped in thicker and sturdier plastic with a slightly textured flap, making it easier to open without tearing. The redesign is aimed at attracting younger demographics and appealing to customers who are looking for fresher and minimally processed alternatives.

Kraft Singles

Convenience Meets Innovation

Responding to consumer feedback, Kraft Singles has addressed a common complaint regarding the difficulty of opening individual slices. The new packaging introduces thicker clear wrappers with improved tear resistance and a textured flap for easier access. Additionally, Kraft Singles is introducing new variations, offering ultra-thin and extra-thick slices to cater to different preferences.

Meeting Evolving Consumer Needs

The rebranding of Kraft Singles aligns with Kraft Heinz’s broader efforts to adapt to changing consumer preferences. While some competitors focus on health-conscious options, Kraft Heinz recognizes the enduring appeal of comfort and convenience. By revitalizing established brands like Velveeta and Oscar Mayer and introducing new product lines, the company aims to enhance its net sales and maintain momentum gained during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kraft Singles

Final Thoughts

Kraft Singles rebranding marks an exciting chapter for the cheese brand as it embraces a fresh look, improved convenience, and an emphasis on real dairy ingredients. Improved sleeves make accessing the cheese easier than ever before, enhancing the overall consumer experience. With a contemporary packaging redesign that celebrates the irresistible charm of Kraft’s iconic cheese slices and by introducing innovative solutions to address consumer feedback, Kraft Singles is poised to capture the attention of a wider audience.

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Hasin Hamza