Nomad Cafe’s New Brand Identity Unlocks the Visual Potential of Excel

In today’s digital age, the concept of remote work has become increasingly prevalent, leading to the rise of digital nomads. La Oficina de Parque, a Barcelona-based bar-cum-cafe, recognizes the needs of these “rootless” workers and has crafted a visually captivating identity. Uniting simplicity and playfulness, the new brand identity has ingeniously utilized the visual language of Excel to create a unique and dynamic design that pays homage to the cafe’s leafy park location.

The Excel Connection: Inspiring Design Possibilities

Barcelona-based bar-cum-cafe enlisted the expertise of Studio Ingrid Picanyol for creating a innovative identity for their unique cafe. By utilizing the inherent features of Excel, Studio Ingrid Picanyol unlocked a dynamic tool for design. The grid, cells, and numerics formed the foundation for natural imagery and iconography that encapsulates the essence of La Oficina de Parque. By adapting the Excel grid and typographic language Ingrid created a versatile system that seamlessly adapts to both digital and print applications. This adaptive web and app design allows for the integration of photographic elements, enriching the visual language of the identity.

Blending Tradition and Digital Origins

Remaining true to the Excel roots, the identity’s logotype embraces the familiar grid structure, utilizing blocked-out white cells and finishing the name in Arial, Excel’s default font. In a nod to its digital origins, the font provides space for numerical additions, reinforcing the brand identity’s connection to the digital realm. Ingrid Picanyol also explored more artistic elements, employing blockout green cells to recreate the bar’s name with elegant ligatures, reminiscent of calligraphic tile creations.

Muted Colors and Elegant Typography

Ingrid Picanyol carefully curated a “muted” color palette that mirrors the soothing tones found in nature. Complemented by vibrant pops of bright orange, the combination of cornflower blues, olive greens in various shades, and subtle beige creates a striking visual harmony. These colors perfectly accentuate the photographic imagery of delectable food, enticing drinks, and the inviting interior of the cafe, all enhanced by warm lighting and tones.

The Big Picture

Through their innovative use of an unexpected digital tool, Studio Ingrid Picanyol has successfully crafted an identity for La Oficina de Parque that captures the essence of the modern digital nomad. The Excel-inspired design elements, from the grid-based layouts to the calligraphic text, offer a fresh perspective on the concept of an office. This creative approach demonstrates the immense potential for reimagining everyday tools and embracing new perspectives to create remarkable and captivating visual experiences.