Sky Sports Revamps the Look With a New Logo and Theme

Sky Creative, in partnership with London-based branding agency Nomad, has created a new logo and a thematic identity for Sky Sports. The channel was first launched as The Sports Channel in 1990. A year later, it had been renamed as Sky Sports. Owned by Sky plc, the channel is the go-to source for sports in the UK, covering the Premier League, football, cricket, golf, action and arena and more.
Sky Creative’s collaboration with Nomad is seen as the biggest change in the 26-year history of the Sports channel.

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Our brief was to create a new Sky Sports, one that offers complete control to its customers by creating nine dedicated sports channels. The result is a fresh and modern brand that positions Sky Sports as the ultimate sports storyteller. Moving beyond the cliche celebratory moments to bring you every side of the story – the grit, the pain, the passion and the disappointments.


The logo for Sky Sports has been evolved by Miles Newlyn, London’s specialist in Brand Typography with over 20 years of experience in building brands such as Land Rover, Cadillac, Honda, Olympics. Under Newlyn, the logo for Sky Sports moves from upper case to be simpler and refined.
Nomad’s focus has been on delivering one brand, and many personalities. Sky Sports has replaced the sports channels with theme-based specific sports. The branding revamp and the cheaper viewing package is expected to boost the failing viewership. The new package is about two-thirds cheaper and will replace Sky Sports 1,2,3,4 and 5. In light of the channel re-alignment, ten main channels comprise the Sky Sports Service.
The Swiss Typefaces for the Sky Sports display branch out to five cut fonts to catch the essence of the sport.
[tg_divider style=”normal”] F1 – raw and technical. Cricket – sophisticated and stylish. Premier League – atmospheric and iconic. Golf – focus and precision. Football – authentic and contrasting.
Though the shift in logo and content structure is not as stark as you’d expect, it caters to the need beautifully. Perhaps it does not call for a change that is too different from what Sky Sports usually stands for. The primary focus of the brand image in the audience is elegant, presentable and impactful.