Superhero Style: MLS, Adidas & Marvel Collaborate for Epic Co-Branded Merchandise

Sports enthusiasts and comic book fans are in for a treat as MLS, Adidas, and Marvel have joined forces to launch an awe-inspiring line of co-branded merchandise. Legendary Marvel Super Heroes will be featured on Major League Soccer (MLS) merchandise as part of the notable three-part collaboration.

MLS, Adidas, and Marvel will celebrate a period of tremendous momentum behind soccer in North America and provide new ways for both MLS and Marvel fans to engage with the sport and characters they love. Mixed with creative design elements, the unique product offerings position MLS and Marvel at the intersection of sports and fashion to eulogize the cultural moments surrounding heroes on and off the field.

Major League Soccer, adidas and Marvel team up to launch co-branded merchandise | Philadelphia Soccer Now

Rachel Hoagland, MLS SVP of Consumer Products, believes MLS, Adidas, and Marvel collaboration capture the unique spirit, confident attitude, and diverse environment that embody the sport of soccer. “The league continues to re-imagine our product offerings so fans can celebrate the teams and players they love in new ways. This special collection is the latest evolution of the League’s commitment to spotlighting the creativity in our sport and connecting soccer with progressive fashion offerings.”

Moreover, the collaboration unlocks a new era of sports fandom. It unites people of all backgrounds. The collection showcases the League’s unique expression of the global game through fashion. Fans in the U.S. can take advantage of the All-Star branded products, including headwear, t-shirts, sweatshirts, Avengers-inspired bespoke warm-up jacket, pants, and official match balls, among others.

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