Vintage Apple Sneakers Sells for $50,000

Sotheby’s is selling a rare piece of Apple memorabilia, custom-made Apple sneakers, for $50,000 in Buy Now marketplace. The ultra-rare white sneakers were a one-time giveaway at a National Sales Conference in the mid-90s.

It boasts a predominately white upper with an old-school Apple rainbow logo on both the tongue and lateral quarter. The collectible comes in a men’s size 10.5 and includes an alternative pair of red shoelaces. Sotheby’s says the sneakers have wear consistent with age, including light marks on the toe boxes and have yellowed around the shoe’s midsoles and where the glue is in place. It should be noted that shoes that are stored for a long time, even if not taken out of the box, are more susceptible to the yellowish coloring that appears on Apple sneakers.

Sneakers Apple
source sothebyscom

Besides iPhones, Apple at one time was into clothes and accessories. Sotheby’s said more than 22,000 Apple consumers purchased clothing and accessories from the brand in 1985, a testament to the public’s dedication across categories. In 2020, Heritage Auction House listed a new pair of the Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers, which ultimately sold for $9,687.

For the products outside of Apple’s zone of expertise, they would partner with leading brands such as Lamy, Honda and Braun to apply their iconic Apple branding to various white label products. Some of the products sold included bags, umbrella, key rings and mugs.

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