AlUla to Bring Chedi Hegra to Ancient Nabataean in Northwest Saudi Arabia

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) is set to develop The Chedi Hegra, in collaboration with luxury hotel operator GHM, on the ancient Nabataean site. This will be the first hotel in a part of AlUla’s Hegra UNESCO World Heritage Site in northwest Saudi Arabia. The hotel, which will open in Q4 2023, will feature 35 luxury rooms, three fine dining restaurants, a café, a full-service spa, and a pool.


One of the restaurants inside the old railway station will feature an exhibition of carefully preserved artifacts, including a fully-restored train, while another will sit within the Hegra Fort, and a third will feature unobstructed views from a sunken water basin seating area.

John Northen, the commission’s vice president of hotels and resorts, said sitting at the nexus of AlUla’s living museum, The Chedi Hegra embodies the fulfillment of our Journey Through Time masterplan with its deep respect for heritage, and sustainable design features. He outlined it will be an authentic luxury experience that celebrates what makes AlUla a special destination for travelers seeking both comfort and adventure.

Tommy Lai, CEO of General Hotel Management Pte Ltd, said they are thrilled to introduce this luxurious heritage boutique hotel that will offer an authentic, unrivaled lifestyle experience deep within the ancient Nabataean site of Hegra. “As the first hotel within Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, we are committed to preserving the site’s integrity while seamlessly integrating modern architecture and comforts. Guest will recognize and appreciate the value we place in minimizing our environmental impact, through the sustainable efforts of the hotel.”

Furthermore, the RCU is ensuring that all design and construction efforts align with the Sustainability Charter for AlUla, including a light-touch tourism approach, imaginative infrastructure, planting of native flora, and an all-electric mobility system. The project will use local construction materials and work with local businesses and labor. The hotel is expected to create at least 120 jobs once fully operational.

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Nandika Chand