Dubai Ranked the Best Winter Sun Destination

In the universe of destination brands, Dubai holds an unbeaten position in many levels. With the most Google searches and the most significant number of things to do during colder months, Dubai ranks as the best winter sun destination in the world. Visitors to Dubai can expect to bask in 8.82 hours of sunlight each day during the winter months, with average temperatures reaching a comfortable 68.84°F (around 20.5°C) according to data released by travel package provider ParkSleepFly. Among the other topics discussed in the study are average winter temperatures, average winter precipitation, average sunshine hours, and Instagram hashtags.

In terms of Instagram hashtags and Google searches for things to do in winter, Dubai has the highest number of #WINTER hashtags and the highest number of #Winter sun hashtags of all the countries studied.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the only two Arab Gulf cities to rank among ParkSleepFly’s top 20 winter cities.

Alicante, Praia, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Cairo, Los Angeles, Valencia, Lisbon, Orlando, Havana, San Diego, and Honolulu also made the list of the best winter cities.

This achievement is definitely going to attract more tourists to Dubai in the coming years. By the looks of it, when winter will be at its peak in several Eurasian countries, Dubai has to prepare itself for the rush of the coming winter.