Dubai Shares Plans for Widening Desert Tourism with a New Natural Reserve

Dubai as a destination brand is aiming towards the preservation of its natural ecosystem, even though the emirate is currently more well-known for its skyscrapers and enormous shopping malls. A protected region of the Arabian desert covering 87 square miles (225 square kilometers), or just under 5% of Dubai’s total land area, is known as the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Dubai Shares Plans for Widening Desert Tourism with a New Natural Reserve Brand The Change

To connect tourism destinations and entertainment hubs with the already-existing 90km cycling track at Al Qudra and Saih Al Salam, the first designated route for desert cars, cyclists, and electric scooters will be built.

In addition, the initiative will set up a station for sandboarding, desert driving, and helicopter flights.

The 100-kilometer Saih Al Salam Scenic Route plan includes trekking into the desert as well as excursions to the historic villages of Al Marmoom and Saruq Al-Hadid.

Camps and lodges will also be constructed as part of the project, along with outdoor lounges where guests may unwind while visiting the lakes.

There will also be kayak boats for hire. Alongside the lakes will be gift shops and eateries.

An outdoor movie theatre and a campground will also be part of the Saih Al Salam Scenic Route project.

Additionally, there are plans to hold events for safari, hot air ballooning, and skydiving. The region is near the popular Love Lakes and the Al Qudra cycling trail.

The Dubai authorities provided a map that showed a sizable camping area and a sizable bike path. Rentals for dune buggies, helicopter flights, and hot air balloon tours will all be available in a special sports area.

To provide tourists with more access to the desert, Dubai has built a 100-kilometer trekking path. HH Sheikh Muhammed, the Ruler of Dubai who has visited the planned tourist attraction mentioned places like Lusaili, Lehbab, Al Marram, Al Faqaa, Al Aweer, and others that are included in the trail and the surrounding desert reserve. Saih Al Salam, a group of artificial lakes, is among its features.

“The 2,216 sq km plan calls for safeguarding archaeological monuments and natural reserves, promoting local producers and farmers, and giving residents access to financial opportunities,”

His Excellency added.

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