Telosa: Know about America’s Futuristic City to Be Built in the US Desert

The City

Telosa is a proposed city that is set to be built in the desert of the United States, with an estimated cost of $400 billion. The Telosa project was proposed in September 2021 by billionaire Marc Lore. It is to be built somewhere in the US western desert.


The name ‘Telosa’ derives from the ancient Greek word meaning “highest purpose.”

It will be built on 150,000 acres in Nevada, Utah, or Arizona, and it is expected to attract 50,000 “diverse” people by 2030, according to Lore, a serial entrepreneur who sold to Walmart for $3.3 billion and to Amazon for $545 million.

Due to Lore’s plans for the city, his construction strategy is well thought out. The land needed to create the city will be bought by a non-profit organization called the Telosa Community Foundation; Lore described it as “land that is essentially worthless.”

Bjarke Ingels, the renowned Danish architect whose firm is designing Telosa, and former U.S. attorney Preet Bharara are among those involved in the development of the city.

The foundation anticipates that as the value of the land rises through development, it will eventually be possible to sell it on the market and invest the revenues in a vehicle akin to an endowment that will finance housing, health care, education, and other needs.

The Idea

The city is also intended to be a hub for technology and innovation. The developers have plans to create a “Silicon Desert” by attracting high-tech companies and startups to the area. They also plan to include a research and development center for clean energy and sustainable technologies.

telosa America’s Futuristic City
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A Well Knit Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Community

One of the key features of Telosa is its focus on sustainability. The city is planned to be powered by renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, and will also feature advanced water management systems to conserve resources. Additionally, the city will be designed to promote green transportation, with a focus on bike lanes and public transportation options. As Telosa becomes the most sustainable city in the world, vehicles powered by fossil fuels will be prohibited.

With a focus on community inclusion, job opportunities, and mobility, as well as sustainability and environmental protection, the city is intended to be a modern metropolitan area. Telosa plans for a five-million-person population by 2050, with schools, workplaces, goods, and service providers only a 15-minute commute from residents’ homes. Furthermore, Lore believes that capitalists should be reformed to create wealth in an equitable way, keeping residents’ quality of life in mind.

telosa America’s Futuristic City
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Another key aspect of Telosa is its focus on community and livability. The city is planned to have a diverse mix of housing options, including affordable housing, as well as ample green spaces and parks for residents to enjoy. The city also plans to have a vibrant downtown area with shops, restaurants, and cultural institutions.

The Big Picture

The plans for Telosa are still at an early stage, so many questions remain about its feasibility and reality. While some experts have expressed skepticism about the ambitious plans, others have praised the concept of a sustainable desert city. It seems Marc Lore is quite confident about the project. It is up to him to make his vision come true as the project will be closely monitored by urban planners and sustainable development experts around the world as it progresses.

telosa America’s Futuristic City
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