Cannes Lions Shares Creative Insights, AI and Expertise in 2023 Wrap-up Report

Shah Rukh Khan-My-Ad winning the Creative Effectiveness Lions Grand Prix shows that artificial intelligence (AI) will play a key role in creative advertising and marketing for years to come, evolving into an art form.

Robert Wong, VP of Creative Lab, at Google, says we’re all at the beginning of this AI journey. “No one has all the answers. AI is just raw clay. It takes people with curiosity, creativity, and compassion to harness AI’s rich potential.” He said artificial intelligence is already having a profound impact on the world around us, transforming products, accelerating scientific research, improving healthcare, and changing the creative landscape.

“We learn from LIONS that this year saw a huge increase in award entries using AI. Nearly 2,000 Cannes Lions award entries cited AI in their synopses, more than three times the number cited in 2022. We also heard the concerns around jobs and trustworthiness.”

Wong highlighted that Google has been an AI-first company since 2016. “Across our business, we’re using AI to be helpful to people and benefit society. AI enables us to supercharge what creativity can achieve, building on human strengths and reinforcing the powerful connections that brands forge with people.

“With generative AI, marketers have a rapidly expanding set of AI-powered tools with the potential to revolutionize every single part of marketing – from how we gather insights, brainstorm ideas, and generate content, to how we connect with people, drive growth, and measure performance.” Google is taking a bold and responsible approach to artificial intelligence. Wong said it’s a collective effort.

Back to creativity, the Creative Impact track, curated by LIONS in partnership with WARC, reinforced the relationship between creativity and business growth. It gave the Festival audience tips and tricks on how to build a culture of creative effectiveness in their own organizations. It was designed to help delegates articulate the business case for investing in creativity and demonstrate the impact creativity has had on businesses.

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2023 established that brands are navigating their way through multiple crises at once. Its ‘Seize the Future’ shows how to work in a more agile way to cope with the polycrisis.

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Nandika Chand