LIONS To Helm Global Initiative To Support Next-Generation Creative Marketers

LIONS, the organization behind the Cannes Creativity Festival, has recently announced the launch of a new scholarship program to foster young talents all around the world. The scholarship will offer fully-funded places on the Cannes Lions Brand Marketers and Creative Academies, which take place during the Festival in June. 


LIONS Scholarships aim to increase access to the Festival’s bespoke academies, which offer a curated education program at its core. The inaugural scholarship initiative will support more than 130 people from traditionally underrepresented groups in the creative industries, which is also a core mission of LIONS.


The LIONS talent program includes a range of early career initiatives, such as the LIONS Academies and Young Lions Competitions, designed to catapult young talent in their careers. LIONS’ current talent accelerator programs continue this year, including See It Be It, which aims to achieve equal gender representation of creative directors and leaders. 


The scholarship program is part of a broader talent program designed in partnership with the creative industry worldwide. There are a number of initiatives on hand for LIONS including a program with The Black Executive CMO Alliance, complimentary passes for winners of the Perifa Education Program, and support for #CannesForAll.


Simon Cook, CEO of LIONS, emphasized the importance of supporting the next generation of creative marketing leaders, saying, “We’ve spent 70 years helping to shape careers, foster connections, and platform the power of creativity on a global scale. As we look forward to the next 70 years, we will focus on creating opportunities, providing access, and nurturing the next generation of creative marketing leaders.” 


Long story short, The LIONS Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for young talent from underrepresented groups to attend the Cannes Lions Festival and receive a world-class education in creative marketing. The scholarship, alongside LIONS’ wider talent program, demonstrates the organization’s commitment to driving progress and creating opportunities for the next generation of innovative marketing leaders.


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Hasin Hamza