10 Emerging Brands to Feature at the 67th Summer Fancy Food Show in June

The Summer Fancy Food Show, marking the second year of collaboration between the Specialty Food Association and CPG, will feature 10 emerging brands. The two-day event will be in New York from June 25-27. It will attract thousands of influential industry professionals, who can help exhibitors build brand awareness and increase market share.

Participants will gain access to retailers, buyers, and distributors from every channel of trade, media, and influencers who can expand consumer awareness of their brand, investors who can help fund growth and expansion, as well as resource and solution providers to help them work smarter, not harder. Moreover, participants will get to meet thousands of new buyers and have them sample their products, build and expand existing relationships with buyers, share products directly with retailers, brokers, and distributors, and create brand awareness with investors, influencers, and the media.

Bill Lynch, President of the Specialty Food Association, said the organization is committed to fostering an inclusive specialty food industry. “Through our partnership, we can help amplify the contributions of BIPOC specialty food producers by featuring them at the industry’s premiere business and networking events, the Fancy Food Shows.”

Robert Haynes, CEO and Co-founder of Yoro, said they have the responsibility to their customers, retailers, distributors, suppliers, community, cities, and planet as all stakeholders alike. Edie Pan, the founder of EDIE’s for Everybody, said CPG and SPA have provided them an incredible opportunity to connect with industry leaders and potential partners and to introduce our products to a wider audience. “Our cohort and the delicious products we make embody a commitment to celebrating and sharing the diverse flavors and cultures that make up our community.”

The Summer Fancy Food Show will showcase thousands of products from more than 40 distinct categories. The pavilions will include bakery, confectionary, snacks and sweets, deli, beverages, diversity, international brands, plant-based, start-ups, and state and regional companies.