AMC Hops Onboard the Ad-Supported Bandwagon

AMC Network is the latest streaming services provider to introduce an ad-supported option. This subscription tier will be available by October 2023. AMC says the move will offer additional flexibility to subscribers and allow the company’s advertising partners to reach viewers on its flagship streaming product.

Kim Kelleher, the Chief Commercial Officer, said this is a big moment for the company and advertisers because it creates a fully-ad supported distribution ecosystem. It allows advertisers to buy AMC’s shows, genres, and franchises in a much more comprehensive and impactful way. She said the new series content, library titles, and other targeted streaming platforms that are all bundled into AMC+, partners can move beyond individual shows and even series and choose to own whole genres and franchises, and drive messaging to target audiences no matter what they are watching or where.

Kelleher said they have never been able to offer this level of sweeping yet highly focused reach before in such an effective and comprehensive way. The current standard cost for AMC+ is $8.99 per month, or $83.88 annually when signing up directly or through other streaming partners. Subscription with the forthcoming ad-supported tier would be cheaper than the standard rate. Pricing would be announced closer to the October launch.

A spokesperson for AMC+ said ad-supported AMC+ would still cost something. There would be an ad-supported tier that is less expensive than the current ad-free version, but not a free tier with ads. The plan would put AMC+ in line with rival streaming service providers Hulu, Netflix, Disney, and Peacock. But it would keep AMC+ distinct from its entirely free ad-supported peers like Roku, YouTube, Google TV, and Tubi.

James Dolan, the CEO of AMC’s parent, MSG Entertainment, in November 2022 said the company’s mechanisms for the monetization of content are in disarray. His memo identified subscriber losses as one of the main reasons for AMC’s woes.

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Nandika Chand