IGTV : The revolution on its way

Instagram is the new trend in advertising marketing for businesses, and with the new IGTV facility, it’s going to be a ground-breaking advantage to the companies all over the Instagram platform! A self-containing Application named IGTV is making revolution while sticking together with Instagram in streaming long interval videos. Videos issued on this platform will reach up to 60 minutes, compared to the current one-minute videos. And these will be displayed straight up on the full screen. This revolution can be a boon to those Instagram marketers as they could upload videos of their product directly using IGTV. And it will get trendy because there is a big no for advertisements like that of Facebook and YouTube.

So who’s going to be benefitted?

Instagram acquisition by Facebook developed the marketing behavior of Instagram from a higher perspective. The tactics used to get proficient in advertising went up to its paramount with this acquisition. And now with the new IGTV, the outlook is getting into new and improved dimensions. IGTV is the future space for commercials and marketing.

The prime benefit will get to the marketers. It could be a platform for a product launch, or to publish a book! Dance companies can make a snap and attract individuals into it. Motivational speakers could get rooted and get public attention so quickly. DIY crafts, Beauty care, Online News and much more will get massive publicity with this new advent by Instagram. Moreover, it can even be an alternative to YouTube for all those attention seekers! Possibly IGTV could be the new YouTube for tomorrow. One can also make a personalized video with their existing Instagram ID. The app promises live streaming and sponsored content eventually.

IGTV : The revolution on its way

Future Impacts

IGTV is the new talk around the globe. Features identical to IGTV made recognition even before this one but what makes IGTV a threat? And why is it a revolution? This needed to be asked before going further. A detailed representation of this concept could lead to analyze the future impacts of IGTV.

With the evolution of original content streaming applications such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, many got changed from YouTube to these dedicated applications. YouTube went narrowed for their videos as they are still leading in presenting personalized videos. Now with the revolutionary concept of IGTV, customized videos could get migrated into Instagram pages and eventually this may lead to creating a personalized area for all with just an Instagram account. And further, with sponsored content, IGTV could break the levels of marketing in the future generating more revenue. And since with the compilation of Facebook, Instagram is getting more promised as that of other platforms such as Snapchat and WhatsApp. So considering the foresight, Instagram is indeed starting a revolution with the launch of the new IGTV.

IGTV- A game changer?

By this time of its launch, everybody thinks that it is a game changer, for both Instagram and YouTube. But does it?

Though the facility is getting a massive appreciation as it is clean from ads, user-friendly and holds on for an hour, can it lure customers from YouTube? The answer is apparently ‘No,’ but there is a chance eventually. This can be understood from the user reactions world-wide about the update.

Neon Lyrics, a user, rated one star and quoted “get rid of the Instagram tv… fix the look of the DM button… please.. just. give us chronological posts back……….”

IGTV : The revolution on its way

With the new feature, the chronological ordering is disappearing, and users think that it has a connection to the IGTV.

Another user Elena Gracia quoted with two stars that she cannot trim her videos now with the new IGTV facility. She is also citing that she was capable of doing this in the previous version, but now it’s not possible with the latest update.

Instagram - IGTV : The revolution on its way

Also, some users are not welcoming the idea of IGTV itself. IGTV as a standalone app requires more space, and it is utilizing more access memory, and users are blaming the app for the sped loss considering their device. More complaints are regarding the chronological ordering of the posts, and this is getting to the nerve with the latest update.

KMrtn, another user quoted that the new update is merely a mess. Losing chronological order is the one main stuff that is affecting the users more than that of the latest update.

Instagram - IGTV : The revolution on its way

IGTV does have a lot of marketing aspects and can be a tight competition for other platforms, but the real question is

“Will current Instagram users want to watch long-form, vertical videos?”

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Athira N Kaimal