‘Start Me Up’ with The Rolling Stones: Keurig’s Exclusive Iced Coffee Collaboration

Music and coffee—two staples that get many of us going in the morning. Now you can combine the energy boost of both in one limited-edition package. Keurig has partnered with legendary rock band The Rolling Stones to launch an exclusive ‘Start Me Up’ iced coffee kit. This bespoke kit, by the looks of it, captures the electrifying spirit of the iconic band, offering a unique iced coffee experience for music and coffee lovers alike. From its custom-designed K-Iced Brewer to the exclusive ‘Start Me Up’ K-Cup pod coffee blend, this kit is a must-have for those seeking to infuse a little rock and roll energy into their daily coffee routine.

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Source: www.rollingstone.com

Unleashing the Rolling Stones Vibe in Your Coffee

Bringing together the creative genius of Havas New York and goDutch, the ‘Start Me Up’ iced coffee kit pays homage to The Rolling Stones’ legendary aesthetic. With a Keurig twist on the iconic logo, the kit captures the essence of the band’s uncapped energy and passion. Each element of the kit, from the custom-designed K-Iced Brewer to the matching tumbler, exudes the iconic Stones vibe, making every sip a rockin’ experience.

The Perfect Blend for Your Iced Coffee Fix

In collaboration with Bravado and The Rolling Stones, Keurig has co-created the ‘Start Me Up’ coffee blend, specifically crafted to be enjoyed over ice. This nutty roast boasts electrifying notes of strawberry, delivering a one-of-a-kind flavor profile that invigorates your taste buds. Celebrate the summer season with this exceptional blend that pays tribute to the enduring legacy of The Rolling Stones while satisfying your coffee cravings.

Elevating the Experience with Music and Community

The ‘Start Me Up’ iced coffee kit goes beyond just the coffee itself. With access to a Spotify playlist curated by the band, you can rock out to the iconic tunes of The Rolling Stones while brewing, sipping, and enjoying your iced coffee. Additionally, Keurig has teamed up with TikTok influencers, combining the popular #CoffeeTok and morning routines trends, to create a social amplification campaign. Join the conversation by sharing your own morning coffee rituals with the hashtag #KeurigStartMeUp and connect with fellow coffee enthusiasts and fans of The Rolling Stones.

The kits are available on the Keurig website for $139.99. A limited-edition run of 400 appeared to be sold out as of press time on June 7, a day after the kits were announced.

The Big Picture

The collaboration between Keurig, The Rolling Stones, and Bravado exemplifies how brands can leverage their agency partners and extended networks to tap into unique audience insights, values, and interests both authentically and meaningfully. If you’re a routine iced coffee drinker, a long-time Rolling Stones fan, or want to simply amplify your coffee drinking habits, the ‘Start Me Up’ iced coffee kit is a must-have to infuse a little rock and roll energy into your summer coffee experience.

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