Walmart Targets Gen Z and Millennials with New Oral Care Brands Plus Ultra and Zimba

Walmart is reaching out to younger beauty and sustainably-minder shoppers with the all-new innovative and refreshing oral care brands Plus Ultra and Zimba. These two sister brands, founded and run by a female, are eco-friendly, affordable, and fun.

According to an official statement, three-quarters of Gen Z consumers consider sustainability more important than brand names, and the same percentage of Millennials also shifting their buying habits toward eco-conscious products. It highlighted that Gen Z and Millennials are making buying decisions based on natural and sustainable choices.

Christina Ramirez, founder of Plus Ultra and president of both brands, expressed excitement for the launch of both brands in Walmart. She said it marks a very significant step. “Younger consumers especially, Millennials and Gen Z, are seeking new affordable, sustainable lifestyle products to become part of their everyday personal care routines. Plus Ultra and Zimba resonate with shoppers who care about product efficacy and the planet.”

Ramirez pointed out that Plus Ultra is already sold in natural retail venues such as Whole Foods Markets, Thrive Market, and Lassens. And now it will leap into 600 Walmart stores nationwide with two of its innovative products – replacement heads made from recycled plastic that is compatible with Philips Sonicare and Oral-B, available in two-packs with plastic-free, FSC paper packaging.

On the other hand, Zimba will enter about 4500 Walmart stores nationwide with four products – Mint Teeth Whitening Strips, Coconut Teeth Whitening Strips, Zimba’s On-the-Go Kit, and Zimba’s Ultimate Teeth Whitening Kit.

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Nandika Chand