‘Be Honest’ – David and Victoria Beckham Feature in Uber Eats Super Bowl Ad

David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham star in Uber Eats hilarious “Be Honest” commercial that will be aired during the Super Bowl on February 11.

The teaser, which is creating a storm, features the former Spices Girl dressed in a t-shirt emblazoned with the words “My dad had a Rolls-Royce”. This highlights the soccer legend’s references to a scene in the 2023 docuseries when he roasted his wife when she described the pair’s working-class roots. “I think also we both come from families that work hard. Both of our parents worked really hard. We’re very working class.”

David Beckham peeks into the room and interrupts her “Be honest!” forcing the English fashion designer to admit that her dad drove a Rolls Royce when she was a child.

For Uber Eats, Victoria tells viewers that David and she will be in a little commerce. The former England captain peeks his head saying “Be honest. Be honest!” To which, his wife replies, “I am. Ok, it’s a big commercial.”

“Tell them what it’s during,” says David Beckham.

“David, I’m trying. Ok, it’s during the big baseball game.”

But David corrects her saying “Super big baseball game.” Then Victoria chimes in “Or was it the hockey bowl?”

“Hockey bowl,” David replies and adds “Oh, and tell them about Jessica Aniston.” Victoria says “Jessica Aniston is gonna be in it, too.” And the co-owner of Inter Miami walks away saying “We love Jessica.”

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