‘Goddess Awakened’: Nike Celebrates Power of Movement With Parris Goebel

Nike partnered with choreographer, dancer, artist, and athlete Parris Goebel for “Goddess Awakened” to celebrate the boundless power of movement. It honored the collective strength of womanhood through a one-in-a-lifetime experience in Paris.

Goddess Awakened was an immersive experience that highlighted the essence of movement, style, and self-expression. Over 30 Nike athletes and partners, under Goebel’s artistic direction, took the stage for a 40-minute performance. The movements drew inspiration from the legendary Greek goddess of victory, Nike herself.

Liz Weldon, VP of Global Nike Women’s Brand Management, said one of the greatest ways to champion women is to open space for them to feel seen and included. Goebel said it’s about breaking free from constraints, making voices heard, acknowledging women’s bodies, and allowing spirits to soar. She emphasized how dance serves as the ideal medium to encompass the profound emotions of love, grief, power, and femininity, which defined this occasion.

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Tania Flynn, VP of Nike Apparel Design, said the brand can help redefine the future of sport for the next generation by celebrating all forms of movement, bodies, and creative identities. Nike’s recent introduction of the Nike Well Collective is an example of its dedication to providing holistic well-being experiences.

Nike also collaborated with renowned designers like Martine Rose, Yoon Ahn, and Feng Chen Wang to showcase a rich tapestry of vivid, joyous, and provocative expressions. Partner collections and Nike costumes displayed a strong narrative of unity, authenticity, and artistic exploration.

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