Bright and Bold: 200-year-old Charity RSPCA Boasts New Look

RSPCA, the largest animal welfare charity in the UK, has unveiled a bold new look and feel to celebrate its 200th year. It aligns with the charity’s new strategy devised to respond to the growing challenges faced worldwide in animal welfare.

RSPCA partnered with design agency Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR) for the new brand identity. The branding inspires everyone to create a better world for every animal and every person. Chris Sherwood, RSPCA chief executive, said RSPCA, in its 200 years of existence, has changed attitudes, behaviors, and laws towards animals. “As a society, we’ve revolutionized the way we think, feel, and act towards them. But animals are now facing some of the biggest challenges in our 200-year history, from climate change to loss of habitat, intensive farming, to the cost of living crisis.

Bright and Bold: 200-year-old Charity RSPCA Boasts New Look

“We at the RSPCA have a critical role to play as the oldest and biggest animal charity in the country; with our powerful voice, we can bring individuals and organizations together to drive change. We know we can’t do it alone, which is where our new, brighter, bolder, and more welcoming brand comes in. For many people, our old brand was out-of-date or off-putting.”

Sherwood shared that it hadn’t rebranded since the 1970s. “It was holding us back from being the modern, forward-facing organization we really want and need to be.” The charity said it’s all about raising the profile of animal welfare and helping everyone understand that they can all play a part in improving animals’ lives.

“Our new brand will help us reach more people, people who may not have considered us, or their role in animal welfare, before. We want to build a movement for animals and the more people we can inspire to get involved, the more impact we can have for animals now and for many years to come.”

Sean Thomas, JKR executive creative director, said evolving the RSPCA purpose and brand was a strategic business imperative given the organization’s essential work. He highlighted the RSPCA logotype. It’s now updated and free of its octagon emblem. The new version is clearer and denser.

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